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Welcome to MRCS Cloud Portal
by MRCSCloud Team - Friday, 11 September 2015, 5:16 PM

MRCSCloud Website has been lunched dealing with MRCS exam (Membership of Royal collage of surgeon) in new and creative way  that focus on exactly what doctor needs to pass the exam .. Putting in the mind doctors' time and their style of work during preparation for their MRCS exam .


We believe that we are unique in every aspect here . There are different features that make us a powerful  way to start you journey towards MRCS exam ..


1- Question Bank: Over 4800 Multiple choice questions (MCQs) and Extended matching stem questions (EMQs) which cover MRCS curriculum and regularly updated.

2- Mock Test : We will put you in Real exam with same no. of questions and same time, this will reflect you current readiness for the exam. In full edition you can train on 10 different real exams.

3- Surgical Knots : Creative way to understand and link between ideas of the questions, Learning by this new method will make you mastering big and difficult subjects with less time and effort.

4- Your performance: You can track your performance and knowing your areas of weakness which need improvement.

5- Online Meetings : You will meet your mentor and group on specific times and specific topics.

6- Supportive Forum: Where we can meet to discuss everything in MRCS, make a study plan, explain difficult topic, and ask about anything.

 7- Mentor:  Each group of doctors will have a Mentor (MRCS Passed surgeon) who will help you in your journey to pass MRCS.

 8- Free Trail : enjoy most of website features for 10 days   

9- Affordable Cost :  just for 30$ for 4 months or 40$ for 6 months enjoy all features of the website .